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What happened to Tommy Duncan and Sticks of Fire blog?

The image below is a 2005 TBT article I still have about the Tampa blogger scene. The big boy was Tommy Duncan. He stopped blogging around 2008, and was never seen again. Here is what Creative Loafing said about that era:

"The 40-something blogger founded the most-often-cited independent Tampa Bay news blog, Sticks of Fire, in Feb. 2004, and the site, without much financial assistance from advertising, is still going strong today with a stable of more than a dozen regular contributors.

In 2005, Duncan was featured in a tbt* story about the young lions of the local Internet. Today, about half of them have fallen by the wayside or (in the case of famous sexy blogger Rachel Moran) moved to New Jersey. Duncan keeps on posting. The local digital scene has grown, but he's not sure it has improved in quality."


  1. Yo Tim. I had to take a cab here in New Port Richey. Tom's car broke, tranny I think. Anyway this guy left a lot to be desired about driving. Had a problem staying in one lane. How is your business? Getting any better? This cool weather should help you. It always helped me when I was still driving. Seems like it was just yesterday but it has been close to 7 years. A lot has changed I guess. Good luck in your affairs. Larry 157

  2. You got out at the right time. The economy tanked and its been a long ride back.

  3. Sticks of Fire seemed to me at the end as nothing but a whining liberal upset with everything about President Bush, Iraq war, Sarah Palin, etc. Don't miss it at all.

    Your blog has more Tampa news than he ever did.


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